Minimising disruption and keeping safe

We want to ensure safety for local residents, businesses and construction workers whilst Consort Place is built. We ensure safety and minimise disruption through the series of measures explained below:

Working during Covid-19
Work at Consort Place has continued in strict accordance with the UK government’s Covid-19 guidance. We recognise that more of our neighbours than usual are at home in the daytime, often working, so we are trying to minimise disruption. We will continue to follow the government Covid-19 guidelines, incorporating any updates to the guidance as they are made.

Crane safety
FEC contractors follow the most rigorous safety standards for crane and other machinery. At Consort Place:

  • The crane is brand new and was erected in June.
  • It has undergone stringent testing at each stage: by the manufacturer; once erected on site, and through daily inspections.
  • All lifts will continue to be supervised and planned by a specialist operative, with only fully trained and competent crane operators and loaders undertaking these tasks.

Safe management of construction traffic                                                                           
Construction traffic will arrive using one route: via Marsh Wall, Mastmaker Road, Byng Street, to the southern site gate on Manilla Street. Vehicles will depart by the same route.

HGVs All HGVs arriving on site must conform with CLOCS construction standards.

new lorries

Traffic Marshals will ensure all traffic coming or going is safely managed.

new traffic marshals

Minimising noise and disruptionnoise       
We use noise, vibration and dust monitors to use work is done safely.

Keeping you informed
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